1. silentandfriendly:



    Toffee was mad that he couldn’t fit in the kitten house so he squished it

    the second cat looking at the camera like “do you see this bullshit?”

    He should be on the office

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  2. saffr8n:

    Life’s too short to pretend you don’t like abba

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  4. edwardspoonhands:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - And yet I still cried…

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  5. So… I’ll be attending German classes again in like a week and a half. It’s exciting because I really, REALLY like the language, but also a bit frightening because I haven’t been taking any lessons since the beginning of 2013 and I guess I’ll probably be the dumb kid in the class who keeps asking stupid questions. Sorry, dear classmates I have yet to meet. I won’t mean to be annoying, just a bit rusty here.

  6. miasanrich:

    tbh the fact that thomas almost has to get on his knees to chest bump philipp makes me feel good about my height


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  7. doctorwhoslostcompanion:



#black widow has the exact same powers and ten times the skill #intellect #morality #complexity #and she’s also got something batman’s never had: #my interest

Also, Black Widow accomplished all of it without being a billionaire.

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  8. phosphorescentt:

    can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

    texting all day is not natural

    force communication all hours of the day is not natural

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  9. miasandumb:

    All I want in life is Holger Badstuber to be able to play a full season of football

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  10. They’re like, 12
    The correct way to refer to anyone younger than you (via guy)
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